mountain range

mountain range
a series of hills or mountains

the valley was between two ranges of hills


the plains lay just beyond the mountain range

Hypernyms: ↑geological formation, ↑formation
Instance Hyponyms:
Adirondacks, ↑Adirondack Mountains, ↑Admiralty Range, ↑Alaska Range, ↑Alleghenies, ↑Allegheny Mountains, ↑Alps, ↑the Alps, ↑Altai Mountains, ↑Altay Mountains, ↑Andes, ↑Apennines, ↑Appalachians, ↑Appalachian Mountains, ↑Atlas Mountains, ↑Australian Alps, ↑Balkans, ↑Balkan Mountains, ↑Balkan Mountain Range, ↑Berkshires, ↑Berkshire Hills, ↑Black Hills, ↑Blue Ridge Mountains, ↑Blue Ridge, ↑Cantabrian Mountains, ↑Carpathians, ↑Carpathian Mountains, ↑Cascades, ↑Cascade Range, ↑Cascade Mountains, ↑Catskills, ↑Catskill Mountains, ↑Caucasus, ↑Caucasus Mountains, ↑Coast Range, ↑Coast Mountains, ↑Cumberland Mountains, ↑Cumberland Plateau, ↑Dolomite Alps, ↑Great Dividing Range, ↑Eastern Highlands, ↑Great Smoky Mountains, ↑Green Mountains, ↑Guadalupe Mountains, ↑Himalayas, ↑Himalaya Mountains, ↑Himalaya, ↑Hindu Kush, ↑Hindu Kush Mountains, ↑Karakoram, ↑Karakoram Range, ↑Karakorum Range, ↑Mustagh, ↑Mustagh Range, ↑Kunlun, ↑Kunlan Shan, ↑Kunlun Mountains, ↑Kuenlun, ↑Kuenlun Mountains, ↑Mesabi Range, ↑Mount Carmel, ↑Nan Ling, ↑Ozarks, ↑Ozark Mountains, ↑Ozark Plateau, ↑Pamir Mountains, ↑the Pamirs, ↑Pyrenees, ↑Rhodope Mountains, ↑Rockies, ↑Rocky Mountains, ↑Sacramento Mountains, ↑San Juan Mountains, ↑Sayan Mountains, ↑Selkirk Mountains, ↑sierra, ↑Sierra Madre Occidental, ↑Sierra Madre Oriental, ↑Sierra Nevada, ↑Sierra Nevada Mountains, ↑High Sierra, ↑St. Elias Range, ↑St. Elias Mountains, ↑Taconic Mountains, ↑Teton Range, ↑Tien Shan, ↑Tyan Shan, ↑Transylvanian Alps, ↑Tyrolean Alps, ↑Urals, ↑Ural Mountains
Part Meronyms: ↑massif, ↑pass, ↑mountain pass, ↑notch

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